Aluminum thin film solar panel clamp

Thin film solar panel clamp
  • Color:

    Natural powder coated
  • Module orientation:

    Landscape recommended
product description

Thin film solar panel clamp

frameless solar panel mounting clamps

The Thin film solar panel clamp can be used for kinds of specification thin film solar panel or unframed solar panel. Appropriate clamping force does not damage solar panel and can prevent the solar panel moving effectively. Overall design and competitive price make it suitable for solar mounting.

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Frameless PV module clamp  Frameless PV module clamp

120mm thin film clamp bearing 2400pa with 2 rail  pass      200mm thin film clamp bearing 5400pa with 3 rail  pass

Antaisolar thin filim solar panel clamps have been approved and deemed compatible for use with Trina Solar DUOMAX modules, click here to get more.

1. Space high utilization

2. Custom-designed for your choice

3. Undergoing test for strong support

4. Factory-owned made allows for competitive price

Thin film end clamp ,Double glass solar module clamp
thin film solar panel manufacturers
Thin film solar panel manufacturers
Thin film end clamp
Thin film mid clamp
Side view

Thin film end clamp(new)
Thin film mid clamp(new)

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