Antaisolar Hunter tracking system shocking launch!

Focus on fixed solar bracket for 13 years, Antaisolar has accurately positioned the global market with international vision. With efficient teamwork and localization services, to continue deepen brand awareness and influence, Antaisolar has widely recognized in the global market. In response to market trends and customer needs, Antaisolar Hunter tracking system is officially launched to meet the needs of affordable PV power generation by achieving higher power generation efficiency and lower LCOE.

Horizontal single-axis+ tilted single-axis, meet the needs of different scenarios

--Suitable for land solar plant project located in medium and low latitudes area with relatively flat land. Compared with fixed brackets, it can increase the power generation by 12%.

Multi-line linkage, centralized drive, efficient operation and maintenance

--Suitable for medium and high latitudes, it can increase power generation by about 15% compared with fixed brackets. Suitable for agricultural light complementary PV plant project, high light transmittance meets the growth needs of light-requiring crops.

Higher power generation rate, better reliability and more adaptability - Hunter series tracking system become another power of Antaisolar in the field of solar brackets. With decades of professional competence and experience, attention and investment in the R&D and a mature supply chain system, Antaisolar will continue to output convenient and reliable, innovative and efficient solar mounting solutions with excellent product quality and comprehensive services to ensure the benefits of PV station systems, and continue to create value for the clients.

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