Antaisolar roof solar racking utilized for 6MW rooftop project in China

Nowadays, more and more enterprises use the idle roofs of factory to install photovoltaic power stations, which are profitable, practical and environmentally friendly.

One 6MW solar roof plant located in Jinjiang, China, provided by Antaisolar (Solar Racking System Manufacturers), had connected to local grid on December 20. In this project, Antaisolar engineers analyzed the actual installation environment and construction requirements of the factory building in detail, providing the solution by utilizing two kinds of standing seam roof clamps with H shape rail to support the PV module. This installation is characterized by non-penetrating, can effectively protect the roof structure and easy to use , which is time saving.

Solar Racking System Manufacturers solar roof bracket

Taking into account the industrial park roof with different partitions, Antaisolar engineers effectively use the existing space to design the most optimal arrangement. Antaisolar conducts strict quality control over the whole process. Using AL6005 aluminum grades, processing T6 state, the anodized surface of 12-15μm; All stainless steel grades 304; steel Q235 grades, average thickness of 85μm hot-dip galvanized treatment. Antaisolar has its own aluminum production base, from the source to the terminal full control, including quality control of raw materials, process control during process, the terminal control of assembly packaging.

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