Biopost ground mounting system

Monopole structure
  • Color:

    Natural, powder coated
  • Install site:

    open terrain
  • Module orientation:

    Landscape , portrait
  • Foundation type:

    Pile in or pre-cast, bored pier
  • Ground clearance:

    up to request
  • Material:

    Anodized aluminum 6005 T6, stainless steel 304,hot-dipped galvanized steel Q235B
product description
Biopost ground mounting system


Antaisolar biopost ground mounting system is applied for large solar ground project installation on a non-sandy ground. It’s suitable not only for flat ground, but also for uneven complex terrain and slope conditions. Double post design for larger span and bigger array, the post can be easily rammed into the ground 1~2 meters by pile machine to largely save labor cost.

It can be designed with installation angles and heights to be adjustable when applied for slope, which is adaptable to various weather conditions in a flexible way.

1. Biopost structure for larger span and bigger array.

2. Significant savings by pile-driven machine with fast piling.

3. Ramming posts allows for surrounding areas remaining unaffected .

4. Surrounding areas remains unaffected.

Antaisolar ground solar supporting beam

Antaisolar rails for biopost ground mounting system     
rail clamp for pile driven ground mounting system   
pile ground screw solar racking system

high compatible end clamp for pile driven ground mounting system
Supporting beam
          Rail clamp
U Pillar
Pillar base
End clamp

What you might concerns?

Q: Unable to tackle complicated solar projects?

A: Focus on aluminum mounting system for over 13 years, experienced in tackle complicated cases   

Q: Quality control problems?


A: Owns factory with complete aluminum production chain from ingot melting, extrusion, anodizing, powder coating, fine finishing to packing

Q: Services are poor?

A: Covering multiple countries, providing localization services; Established a customer service team, promised to respond within the first 24 hours of after-sales service

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