Hunter PLUS-Linkage Tilted Single-axis Tracking System

Linkage Tilted Single-axis Tracking System
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    open terrain
product description

Hunter PLUS-Linkage Tilted Single-axis Tracking System

The Linkage Tilted Single-axis Tracking System is suitable for medium and high latitudes,it can increase power generation by about 15% compared with fixed brackets. and it's suitable for agricultural light complementary PV plant project, high light transmittance meets the growth needs of light-requiring crops.

Increased power generation

The system automatically tracks the sun's position,effectively avoid shadow blocking problem

in the morning and evening and with high-precision tracking of ±45°,daily tracking angle self-calibration, tracking accuracy ± 2 °.

Stable & Reliable

Using polymer material bearings to prevent corrosion of sand,rain and snow effectively.With anti-freeze tracking,strong wind protection,night self-return,automatic snow removal & automatic cleaning in rainy days,effectively respond toall kinds of extreme weather.

Convenient, flexible and high adaptability

Various foundation optional such as concrete foundation and pile; Good construction performance, low requirements on site construction accuracy to improve construction efficiency.

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