Japanese Solar Energy Authority Magazine PVeye interviewed Antaisolar General Manager

This monthly magazine mainly interviews Chinese PV companies with a leading market share in Japan, and reviews the ups and downs of China's PV manufacturing industry in the past 20 years. As a Chinese company that ranked first in export volume in the Japanese market for many years, Antai became the only Chinese solar mounting system manufacturer to be interviewed.

In the past 2017, Antai's solar mounting system accumulated shipments exceeded 1GW, of which the Japanese market accounted for 50%, China accounted for 20%, and other markets such as Southeast Asia and Australia accounted for 30%, undoubtedly reflecting the market competitiveness of Antai’s products.

Opportunity coexist with strength make products popular in the Japanese market

Since entering the Japanese market in 2011, Antaisolar has been making great strides in the exploration of market. Due to the FIT legislation formulated by the Tokyo, high subsidies for on-grid tariffs have led to the strong development of the solar market. It is under this opportunity that Antai eventually won widespread recognition from the Japanese market for its years of experience in R&D and production of aluminum profiles and its adherence to high quality products.

Never forget why you started and layout the world

In the interview, Ms. Huang Liqin, the general manager of Antaisolar, claimed that no matter how volatile the market competition is, always insisting on product quality is the basic literacy of a company. Furthermore, Antaisolar has a complete industrial chain of aluminum profiles that integrates casting, extrusion, oxidation, and finishing of aluminum. It can control product quality from the material side. Under the circumstance of guaranteeing quality, trying to control costs is a conscience of an enterprise. Antaisolar will optimize and upgrade products from the material side and continue to provide global customers with high-quality, convenient, and efficient solar mounting solutions.

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