Review Antaisolar in the PV EXPO, Japan

From February 27th to March 1st, the 12th PV EXPO Tokyo Exhibition arrived on schedule. Antaisolar brought a series of solar mounting system and gave the clients the most comprehensive and professional products explanation.

As the first aluminum mounting system supplier to enter the Japanese market, Antaisolar has ranked NO.1 of export volume to Japan for five consecutive years, with accumulative shipment of 3.7 GW.

Antaisolar has been deeply involved in the Japanese market for many years, always resorting to quality first, providing localized services to help customers solve problems quickly and effectively. To this end, Antaisolar has set up an office and logistics center in Japan, hiring a Japanese designer firm to quickly respond to more stringent JIS standards.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama visited the booth of Antaisolar, paying special attention to Antaisolar's agricultural greenhouses mounting system, and friendly exchanges with the Antaisolar’s business representatives on the promotion of clean energy, and expressed their best wishes for the PV trade between China and Japan.

In recent years, thanks to its stable overseas strategy and financial condition, Antaisolar has rapidly promoted the global industrial layout and performed well overseas. At present, Antaisolar has established offices in Japan, Brazil, Australia and the Philippines, and its sales network covers the whole world.

Antaisolar will continue to offer convenient and reliable, innovative and efficient solar mounting solutions, with excellent product quality and comprehensive services to ensure the benefits of PV station systems, and continue to create value for the clients.

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