Solar canopy projects – See how they are engineered?

The solar carport substructure is chosen as a wise solar application whatever for commercial or residential scale use. The 24KW and 35KW solar carport projects completed in March sharing by our Client from two different location. The system features double rows of car parking, solar racking designed and provided by Antaisolar.

Antai Solar canopy projects

There are various types for solar carport solution, Y-shaped or W-shaped footing structure are commonly used for actual mounting. In this project, Antaisolar offer AL6005-T6 solar racking for overall light-weight. Appealing and aesthetic appearance, there is no on site welding, all connections are bolted. Pre-assembled supporting in factory can largely reduce installation labor cost.

As it’s shown in the picture, the number of foundation is different according to solar panel layout. Modular design allows for quick installation. The mounting solution has been maturely applied in most of solar carport projects in Japan for its unique advantages and the results speak for themselves.

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