Solar carport appears inside Antaisolar factory

Since Antaisolar entered into the EPC business, more solar plants begin to appear inside the factory. One solar carport has just completely finished in mid-July, that is the second one solar application following the 150KW roof solar project in factory.

The 12.96KW solar carport covers an area of 83.13 square meters, with panel facing southwest, is expected to generate 15,000 kilowatt annually. In order to design and construct a solar carport that is both aesthetically and efficient, based on factory site analysis, Antaisolar engineers provide a customized solution for single row of parking. The system is designed with the ground clearance of 3500mm and 12400mm spans long, which is spacious enough for five cars parking.

The carport solar mounting system offers simplified and economic solution providing shade for parking and solar power generation, is one of the fastest growing trend in photovoltaic market. The multifunction features make it a ideal choice to present environmental friendly image and serve as one of green energy sources.

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