Solar roof mount accessories

PV mounting system accessories
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Solar roof mount accessories

The Solar roof mount accessories is the key for a successful PV installation, Antaisolar have full range of useful accessories such as Earthing and cabling plate and grounding lug etc. to meet your needs.

Bearing Plate for Clamp
Earthing and cabling plate ,flat roof solar mounting factory
SS 1.4301, with wire clip
Packing: 1000pcs/box, 4box/ctn
Groundling Lug AT-G16
Groundling Lug
Copper lug + SS rib + T module + 1 Bolt  / Aluminum lug + SS rib + T module + 1 Bolt
Packing: 200pcs/box,4box/ctn
Groundling Lug AT-G18
Groundling Lug
Copper lug + Bolt + Nut
Packing: 200pcs/box,4box/ctn
Grounding Clip AT-G1
flat roof solar mounting factory
SS 1.4301
Packing: 1000pcs/box,4box/ctn
Grounding Clip AT-G2
ground mounting system manufacturers
SS 1.4301
Packing: 80pcs/box,4box/ctn
Bonding Jumper
Bonding Jumper ,ground mounting system manufacturers
Tin-plated braided copper wire + SS rib + 2 T modules
Packing: 50pcs/box, 4box/ctn    
Isolator Box
Flat roof solar mounting factory
Packing: 80pcs/box, 4box/ctn

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