Waterproof Carport Solar Mounting System (frameless )

Waterproof solar canopy
  • Color:

    Natural, powder coated
  • Install site:

    open terrain
  • Module orientation:

    Landscape , portrait
  • Foundation type:

    concrete base , ground screw, bored pier
  • Material:

    Anodized aluminum 6005 T6, stainless steel 304
product description

 Waterproof Carport Solar Mounting System

The fully waterproof carport promoted by Antaisolar is equipped with water guide beams and tight waterproof rubber strips. Antaisolar uses 6005 material, via T6 heat treatment method so that the waterproof carport has good anti-corrosion performance in convenient construction, and can be applied to high wind and snow area, which is suitable for projects with high waterproofing requirements or roofs of sun rooms.

Note: this type of waterproof solar carport is suitable for unframed module installation.

1. Effectively use of the space while generating electricity.

2. Available for installing double grass solar panel.
3. Fully waterproof design providing clear space .

4. One parking structure ,many benefits.

Rail for waterproof solar carport     

    Rail for waterproof solar carport     
Rail connector
         Rectangular tube
    Thin film end clamp
Supporting beam for waterproof Carport solar mounting system
   Antaisolar Thin film mid clamp for solar carport  
Supporting beam 

Water guide beam

Foot seat
    Thin film mid clamp

Installation Guide

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