Antai blooms in the field of clean energy and green building

In November, Antai continued to maintain its growth momentum in the photovoltaic field with its industry reputation and keen market development capabilities accumulated over the years, providing complete set of solar mounting solutions at home and abroad.

During the past one month, the roof and pile ground mount solutions provided by Antaisolar has completed the installation work in Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea and other places. Besides, accumulative mounts shipment over 40MW is achieved by Antai domestic sales department, actively implementing the corporate mission of promoting clean energy.

Antaisolar pile ground mounting system

Location: South Korea

solar panel mounting structure, metal roof solar rackingLocation: Malaysia

solar mounting structure supplier,solar panel mounting brackets

Location: Vietnam

The aluminum formwork system business carried out this year, bringing advanced aluminum production technology and equipment, engineer team and elite sales team, has established a long-term cooperative relations with number of real estate companies to provide aluminum formwork systems and supporting materials for commercial and residential buildings of various types and sizes. One of the projects under construction is in full swing. Antai aluminum formwork system will help more building enterprises save costs and improve efficiency, creating a new aluminum formwork system for "green construction" technology.

Location: China (solar mounting solutions,Antaisolar.com)

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