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  • Flat Roof Mounting System

    Antaisolar flat roof mounting system are suitable for roof type such as trapezoidal, corrugated metal, gravel or bitumen sheet.

    Flat Roof Mounting System
  • Pitched Roof Mounting System

    Antaisolar pitched roof mount offer solutions for trapezoidal, corrugated metal sheet, sandwich roofing, standing seam mount and railess metal roof mount etc.

    Pitched Roof Mounting System
  • Ground Mounting System

    Antaisolar ground mount suitable for all common soil classes, it can be achieved by ramming, concrete foundations, pile in and ground screw.

    Ground Mounting System


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  • Holiday notice

    Holiday notice

    2017-04-28
  • 31 MW project in 31 Fukushima, Japan

    31 MW project in 31 Fukushima, Japan

    2017-03-30
  • Antaisolar provided ground mounting solution for 16MW project in Akita Prefecture, Japan

    Antaisolar provided ground mounting solution for 16MW project in Akita Prefecture, Japan

    2017-03-17

Asunim breaks ground on two Turkish PV projects totaling 42 MW

2017-04-25 Asunim, an Ankara-based company and member of the Asunim group, has begun construction on two unlicensed solar PV plants that have already secured preliminary approval of the ministry and several investors involved. The facilities, located in the province of Izmir (an area of Turkey renowned for its high irradiation levels and stable grid conditions), will feature JinkoSolar PV modules and REFUsol’s 40K string inverters. Asunim stated that the pl...

IRENA: more solar than wind added in 2016 in strongest ever year for renewables

2017-04-01 The year just passed saw a 161 GW increase in global renewable energy capacity with solar outpacing wind, shows data released by the Abu Dhabi-headquartered International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) on Thursday. According to IRENA’s Renewable Energy Capacity Statistics 2017, by the end of last year the world’s renewable generation capacity increased by 8.7% to reach 2,006 GW, with solar setting a new record high of 71 GW. Therefore, last year...

Renewables continue to grow at a rapid pace across Europe

2017-03-01 Europe’s demand for renewable electricity continues to grow in 2016. Based on statistics from the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) from 2011 to 2016 the market experienced an annual growth (CAGR) of 12,5%. Last year the demand rose by 5% compared to 2015, now reaching nearly 370 TWh. “Behind this growth are thousands of businesses and millions of households in numerous European countries purchasing renewable electricity documented with Guarant...

Mexico targets addition of 5.4 GW of PV in next 3 years

2017-01-03 | PV capacity in the country could be increased 20-fold from the 270 MW currently installed by the end of 2019. Mexico added approximately 100 MW of PV in the first half of 2016, bringing the country’s total PV capacity to 270 MW, according to the latest report by the Energy Secretariat. PV only represents 0.38% of the Mexican electric generation capacity, while 94.28 GWh were generated by this source in the first half of 2016, making up only 0.0...

India to Tender 1 GW of Solar Rooftop Capacity in December

2016-12-14 India is preparing to auction a gigawatt of rooftop solar capacity as it strives to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of generating 100 GW of power from the sun by 2022. The tender will be ready this month, according to Solar Energy Corp. of India, the agency responsible for implementing clean energy targets. It aims to accelerate panel installations on government buildings. "The tender will entail target-based incentives, which will be re...

India will add 5.1 GW of solar PV this year

2016-11-21 Analyst's report reveals that India now has more than 10 GW of utility-scale, rooftop and off-grid solar PV installed nationwide, with the sector growing 137% this year alone. India on course to be world’s third largest solar market in 2017. The latest report by BTI puts the nation’s cumulative solar capacity above 10 GW, taking into account all forms of installed solar – including rooftop and off-grid. This year will end with 5.1 GW of new capac...

Singapore launches 40 MWp solar tender

2016-10-20 The tender — part of the SolarNova program, a scheme to encourage the deployment of 220 MWp of PV under the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) — will see solar modules installed at 636 HDB blocks and 31 government locations throughout the city-state. “The SolarNova program will also build up critical system integration and project development capabilities,” said Goh Chee Kiong, executive director of cleantech for the EDB. The HDB will ann...

Solar Energy: Becoming World's Most Affordable Power Source

October 20,2016. A recent report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance titled “New Energy Outlook” predicts the cost of solar energy will fall even more over the next 10 -15 years— making it one of the world’s most affordable and attractive energy sources globally. The report, which is based on the insights and expertise of 65 country and technology specialists, shows that despite continued investment in coal and gas generation in many countries, there will be “a rap...

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Antaisolar is one of the largest photovoltaic mounting systems provider in China.  Since 2009,we have been specializing in providing solutions for installing solar photovoltaic systems. We develop and produce solid mounting systems easily fitted to all types of roof and ground system. With the extensive know how, we accomplished large scale projects in the megawatt range at international levels. The name Antai is translation of security and stability in Chinese. In photovoltaic installations which last over decades, in locations where wind and weather posing challenge, solid reliability is essential. Our quality, lightweight and durable mounting systems provide photovoltaic modules with best support against the force of nature. | Milestones of Antaisolar ·2006 Established Fujian Zhangzhou Antai Aluminium... Read More
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