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  • Flat Roof Mounting System

    Antaisolar flat roof mounting system are suitable for roof type such as trapezoidal, corrugated metal, gravel or bitumen sheet.

    Flat Roof Mounting System
  • Pitched Roof Mounting System

    Antaisolar pitched roof mount offer solutions for trapezoidal, corrugated metal sheet, sandwich roofing, standing seam mount and railess metal roof mount etc.

    Pitched Roof Mounting System
  • Ground Mounting System

    Antaisolar ground mount suitable for all common soil classes, it can be achieved by ramming, concrete foundations, pile in and ground screw.

    Ground Mounting System


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  • Antaisolar presented at PV Japan 2018 Exhibition in Yokohama

    Antaisolar presented at PV Japan 2018 Exhibition in Yokohama

    2018-06-25
  • Antaisolar awaits for your coming at PV Japan 2018 in Yokohama

    Antaisolar awaits for your coming at PV Japan 2018 in Yokohama

    2018-06-15
  • Antaisolar shined at the 2018 Shanghai SNEC exhibition

    Antaisolar shined at the 2018 Shanghai SNEC exhibition

    2018-06-01

More than 200,000 sub-100kW systems set to be installed in 2018

2018-07-12 | This year, more than 200,000 small-scale solar systems are set to be installed in Australia. The extraordinary expansion in rooftop solar deployment has been revealed in the latest figures from Green Energy Markets, which points to more than 1.4 GW of sub-100kW PV being added throughout the year. The extent of the stellar growth of the Australian residential and small-commercial rooftop market continues to be reinforced by each new set of figur...

Global PV market to grow by another 621.7 GW by 2022, SolarPower Europe says

2018-06-20 ---Global newly installed capacity for 2018 is forecast to reach 102.6 GW, of which “only” 39 GW are expected to come from China. Fourteen countries are expected to cross the GW threshold this year. The European solar industry association, SolarPower Europe has released its outlook for the 2018 global PV market. As the association told pv magazine in early June, new PV additions for this year are expected to reach 102.6 GW, thus enabling the Euro...

Haiti eliminates custom duties on imports of PV products

2017-10-10 The government of Haiti has eliminated custom duties on the imports of PV products. The new measure is included in the new finance act 2017-2018 that the Caribbean island’s Ministry of Economy and Finance has recently published on its website, and that was approved by the Senate in early September. The law entered into force on September 18, after its publication in the country’s official bulletin. Tariff exemptions would apply to both PV modules...

IHS Markit raises 2017 global installations forecast

2017-08-25 Industry analyst IHS Markit has raised its forecast for global installations in 2017 to 90 GW, representing 14% growth on the previous year’s figures. Continuing demand in China after the June 30th FIT cut is cited as the main driver for the increased expectation. IHS Markit has made an upward revision to its PV installations forecast for 2017, and now expects 90 GW of new PV to be installed worldwide before the end of the year, 14% higher than 2...

Germany added 212 MW of solar in May

2017-07-03 6,589 small-sized PV systems with a combined capacity of 136 MW were connected to the grid in May. Furthermore, the first large-scale solar plants selected in the first auction held in April 2015 are now coming online. Solar registered significant growth in Germany in May with around 212.4 MW of newly installed PV systems. This capacity includes 76.4 MW of solar parks from the register for large-scale PV plants. Furthermore, there are 6,589 newly...

Residential and commercial PV drive solar growth in Poland, cumulative capacity nears 200 MW

2017-05-22 Around 101 MW of new PV systems was connected to the grid in Poland last year. Of this capacity, about 73 MW came from residential and commercial solar power generators. Poland has installed around 101 MW of new PV installations in 2016, according to the report on the Polish PV market “Rynek fotowoltaiki w Polsce 2017” published by Polish state-owned renewable energy institute Instytut Energetyki Odnawialnej (IEO). This is more than expected by t...

Asunim breaks ground on two Turkish PV projects totaling 42 MW

2017-04-25 Asunim, an Ankara-based company and member of the Asunim group, has begun construction on two unlicensed solar PV plants that have already secured preliminary approval of the ministry and several investors involved. The facilities, located in the province of Izmir (an area of Turkey renowned for its high irradiation levels and stable grid conditions), will feature JinkoSolar PV modules and REFUsol’s 40K string inverters. Asunim stated that the pl...

IRENA: more solar than wind added in 2016 in strongest ever year for renewables

2017-04-01 The year just passed saw a 161 GW increase in global renewable energy capacity with solar outpacing wind, shows data released by the Abu Dhabi-headquartered International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) on Thursday. According to IRENA’s Renewable Energy Capacity Statistics 2017, by the end of last year the world’s renewable generation capacity increased by 8.7% to reach 2,006 GW, with solar setting a new record high of 71 GW. Therefore, last year...

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