• Antaisolar supplied Mac mounting system for 10MW solar farm in China
    Project News August 20, 2020 Antaisolar supplied Mac mounting system for 10MW solar farm in China
    Recently, Antaisolar announced that the 1st phase of one 10MW roof solar project is already completed at Cross-border Industrial Park in Jiangsu province, China, with Steel mounting system comprehensively adopted. With capacity of 2MW and railless ballast solar mounting solution, it was turned out to be a stable and easy solar installation on open flat roof space. The railless solar racking designed allowed the whole installation much quicker, without the long and cumbersome rails. According to local site wind rating requirement, it was secured by a certain weight of concrete block to achieve well performance. What’s more, the main material of this solar racking adopted was MAC steel with unique advantages.  It’s a kind of eco-friendly steel without hot-dip galvanized while maintaining highly corrosion resistance, also the deformation and manufacturing accuracy of the material in processing are significantly improved. Meanwhile, the pretreatment on the surface ensures the attractive appearance of the material. Antaisolar Steel solar mounting system is developed to diversify our product portfolio applicable for large-scale ground solar farm and concrete flat roof solar farm. Project site at strong corrosive soil, coastal salt-affected areas, agriculture greenhouse and composting site are all suitable for utilizing this new material.
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