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  • Flat Roof Mounting System

    Antaisolar flat roof mounting system are suitable for roof type such as trapezoidal, corrugated metal, gravel or bitumen sheet.

    Flat Roof Mounting System
  • Pitched Roof Mounting System

    Antaisolar pitched roof mount offer solutions for trapezoidal, corrugated metal sheet, sandwich roofing, standing seam mount and railess metal roof mount etc.

    Pitched Roof Mounting System
  • Ground Mounting System

    Antaisolar ground mount suitable for all common soil classes, it can be achieved by ramming, concrete foundations, pile in and ground screw.

    Ground Mounting System
  • Carport solar mounting system

    Antaisolar carport solar mounting system is an economical multi-funciton structure for cars parking and electricity generation, can be designed with warterproof performance.

    Carport solar mounting system
  • Solar tracking system

    Antaisolar Clytie and Helios series tracking system are designed to meet needs of different scenarios, which can achieve higher generation efficiency and lower LCOE.

    Solar tracking system
  • MAC mounting system (New material )

    Antaisolar new product-MAC ground mounting system , which is suitable for large-scale ground solar projects with better corrosion resistance to replace traditional hot-dip galvanized materials.

    MAC mounting system  (New material )


latest news

  • Antaisolar offered special customized solar racking solution for 21.6MW ground solar project in Japan

    Antaisolar offered special customized solar racking solution for 21.6MW ground solar project in Japan

    2020-06-05
  • Antaisolar provided aluminum solar structure for Agriculture solar project in South Korea

    Antaisolar provided aluminum solar structure for Agriculture solar project in South Korea

    2020-05-27
  • How Antaisolar accelerate its production efficiency ?

    How Antaisolar accelerate its production efficiency ?

    2020-05-18

Netherlands to reach 27 GW of solar by 2030

2019-11-11 The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency expects the nation’s solar generation capacity to have increased by another 5 GW by the end of next year, from around 4.4 GW at the end of 2018. By the end of 2023, installed PV capacity is predicted to reach approximately 15 GW. The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) is expecting the nation’s installed PV capacity to have grown almost fivefold from the beginning of this year until th...

Germany and Spain to be the solar flag bearers

2019-07-12 ----Traditional power Germany and a rejuvenated Spain will top the chart for new capacity additions as Europe prepares to hit more than 250 GW of new PV by 2024. Small scale systems for self-consumption will play a big role, according to consultants WoodMac. Germany will continue to lead Europe’s PV charge in the years ahead, with an anticipated 20.7 GW of new solar capacity by 2024. But a booming private PPA market in Spain will see it hot on Ge...

Swedish Energy Agency eyes PV to achieve 100% renewables by 2040

2019-05-09 ---Though PV will remain in the shadow of wind and hydropower in the north of Europe, an ambitious solar deployment scenario in Sweden could lift the market into the gigawatt club through to 2040. Located in the north of Europe, with sparse or even zero solar irradiation throughout winter, and dogged by numerous cloudy days, Sweden is nevertheless keen to harness solar power to help it decarbonize its energy system. Swedish energy agency the Ener...

Australia and India helped make up for Chinese solar retreat last year

2019-04-19 The world had more than half a terawatt of PV generation capacity at the end of last year as emerging solar markets picked up the slack caused by Beijing’s subsidy about-turn to the tune of a 20% rise in installations outside China. India may have been the largest emerging PV market last year but there is little doubt over which nation the Photovoltaic Power Systems Program’s latest report considered the star of 2018. The International Energy Age...

Poland’s PV capacity reaches 486.5 MW

2019-03-17 With more than 200 MW of newly installed PV, 2018 was a record year for Polish solar. Of the nation’s total PV capacity, 339.5 MW comes from 50 kW or smaller arrays. Poland reached a cumulative installed solar PV capacity of 486.5 MW last year, according to provisional figures released by domestic solar industry association Polska PV. The newly deployed solar capacity last year – around 214 MW – represented the largest growth recorded in Poland, ...

New Zealand identifies 11 GW solar potential

2019-02-13 ——New Zealand already boasts a very high renewables penetration, but as the energy system is transitioning towards higher electrification, more capacity is needed. And cheap solar is among the top contendors, says state-owned utility Transpower. Transpower, New Zealand’s state-owned transmission grid operator, says falling solar and storage costs have sparked interest in PV for a market already well served by wind and hydro power. The nation alre...

Japan Postpones FIT Cuts by Six Months for Projects over 2 MW

2018-12-13 A reduction of the feed-in tariff to ¥21/kWh (around US$0.19) for projects over 2 MW in size and approved between 2012 and 2014 will be applied starting from September 2019 and not from March, as originally planned. For approved projects with a capacity of less than 2 MW, however, no postponement has been granted. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has extended the deadline for its planned FIT cuts for large-scale solar projec...

Iran's operational PV capacity reaches 250 MW

2018-10-24 According to new numbers released by Iran’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA), renewable energies have reached a combined cumulative capacity of 650 MW, with solar representing a 39% of the total. “The capacity of the country’s renewable power plants at the end of September 2018 reached 650 MW out of which 39% belongs to solar power plants.” This announcement was given by the public relations and international affairs of...

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