• 65MW Project in the Philippines: Come and Check How Antaisolar Resist Two Times of Earthquake
    Project News November 09, 2022 65MW Project in the Philippines: Come and Check How Antaisolar Resist Two Times of Earthquake
    Down on the coast of Currimao, the Philippines, a large-scale 65MW solar plant is under construction. Utilizing Antaisolar's carbon-steel ground mounting system, the project started in January 2022 and will finally be grid in February 2023. The Philippines lies at the Pacific and Indian Ocean junction, close to the equator. The unique location gives the country beautiful island scenery but also causes a variety of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions, which can cause extreme damage to solar plants. Deployed on the seaside, the solar plant is facing multiple threats, including salt damage, hurricane, and occasionally earthquake. During the construction period, Antai's mounting system successfully got through two times of 7-degree earthquakes. Even under Typhoon Nalgae, the whole structure didn't move a single jot, which greatly impressed the clients, and they commented that " we have strong confidence in Antai products now. " Natural hazards can cause instant harm, and salt damage is considered a chronic killer, for it can cause corrosion over time. After estimating the corrosion degree, engineers from Antaisolar optimized the system by adopting the high-level anti-corrosion galvanized layer. To meet the requirement of saving labor costs, engineers figured out ways to reduce components, making the whole structure more stable and easy to install. Antaisolar worked closely with the developer and EPC team to provide products that can stand the test of time, and offer construction best practices. From arrivals checking to mock-up installation, our engineer is always on site to give the most professional guidance. Daniel Zhang, one of our engineers in the project, has been away from home for more than three months, offering firm supports to the on-site installation. Antai people always hold the belief that we don't just sell products, we would like to be creative designers, problem solvers, and committed contributors to Raise A Green World. Under the mission, you can always see our staff providing tailor-made solutions and on-site support in every corner of the solar world. These are the Antai spirit, and we'll always hold on to it.
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  • Antai signed 300MW solar projects agreement with Bison Energy and announced a strategic partnership with GGE at All-Energy Australia 2022
    Company News October 31, 2022 Antai signed 300MW solar projects agreement with Bison Energy and announced a strategic partnership with GGE at All-Energy Australia 2022
    On October 26, Antai announced its 300MW projects cooperation agreement with Bison Energy Group (Bison) and its strategic partnership with Green Gold Energy (GGE), at All-Energy Australia Exhibition & Conference 2022 in Melbourne, which means Antai achieved a vital breakthrough in tracking and groud mounting market in Australia.   Bison Energy is an international renewable developer and investor. In 2020, Antai and Bison signed a global strategic cooperation agreement that became the basis for this year's 300MW solar projects cooperation agreement. Under the new agreement, Antai will provide 300MW mounting and tracking systems for Bison's PV power plants in Australia, Japan and Europe.   On the same day, Antai announced a strategic partnership with Green Gold Energy, a pioneer in the field of the renewable energy industry in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. This strategic partnership agreement will strengthen their mutual collaboration to achieve efficient and reliable power generation utilizing Antai's advanced tracking technologies.   "We’re proud to cooperate with Bison and GGE, both of these have been deeply involved in the solar industry for many years. The cooperation between Antai and two industry leaders is a recognition of Antai's designs, technologies and services. As the leading supplier of the whole industry chain in PV mounting system, Antai provides innovative technology and quality services enabling partners to develop complicated projects." said Lloyd Li, Antai's vice president.   Australia is one of the most anticipated solar power markets in the world. Since Antai entered the Australia market in 2008, it has set up a subsidiary company in Australia, and has shipped cumulative 4.3 GW mounting systems in Australia and 24.1 GW globally. Now returning to All-Energy Australia after two years, Antai signed two significant cooperation agreements which show the steady growth of its business and the importance it places on Australia's market. In the future, Antai will integrate the resources of every partner and expand areas of cooperation to jointly build more sustainable and valued PV plants around the world to fuel the global zero carbon transition.
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  • Antaisolar Showcased Its Roof&Ground Mounting Systems In IGEM 2022
    Exhibition News October 25, 2022 Antaisolar Showcased Its Roof&Ground Mounting Systems In IGEM 2022
    On 12-14 October, the International Greentech&Eco Product Exhibition&Conference In Malaysia opened its door to visitors from all over the world. With professional knowledge, high-quality products, and warm service, Antaisolar successfully garnered much attention from the crowd. From 2021 to 2023, the installation capacity of solar equipment in Malaysia is estimated to reach 0.9GW per year. With great potential in the solar industry, Malaysia is attracting more players to get in. Antaisolar has been cultivating in the market for years, continuously suppling great products and services. By September 2022, Antaisolar has taken up about half of Malaysia's C&I project market share. Besides the distributed market, Antaisolar is in suppling ground mounting solutions for LSS4 (a solar-developing programme supported by malaysia government) projects now, and will explore more ground-level projects in the coming years. As this event we themed, "From Roof To The Ground, Antai Covers All. " We'd like to get more customers in Malaysia to know about our proven ground mounting system. Antai's ground mounting systems adopt high-performance materials including carbon steel and alunimum, suit for different needs. With various options of foundation, they can also easily cope with different geological conditions. By the end of September 2022, the global cumulative shipments of Antaisolar reached 24.1GW. Under the mission of Raise A Green World, Antaisolar will keep suppling the cutting-edge products and innovations covering all scenarios, including roof, ground and water. Together, with Antaisolar, let's move forward to a zero-carbon society.
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  • Antaisolar Supplied 2P Tracker For The Largest Fishery+PV Power Plant In Hubei, China
    Project News October 21, 2022 Antaisolar Supplied 2P Tracker For The Largest Fishery+PV Power Plant In Hubei, China
    Fishery-solar hybrid system is recognised as an environmental friendly way of using water space. Solar matrix installed above the water can not only produce clean energy but also reduce water surface temperature for aquaculture, bringing multiple economical benefits. In this on-construction 350MW project located in Chibi city, Hubei, Antaisolar plays an important part by suppling the whole structure featuring TAI-Universal, the single-axis 2p tracker. As the largest fishery-PV power plant in the province, it covers a total area of 4.9 square kilometers, is expected to produce more than 460 million kWh of clean energy per year. Compared to fixed mounting system, tracking system excels in reducing LCOE. Tracking system is able to adjust the angle of solar panels to align with the sun's movement throughout the day, maximising the power generation yield. As one of Antai's self-developed tracking systems, TAI-Universal adopts AI algorithms to capture every sunlight precisely. Patent multi-slew drive design helps protecting the main axis from torrision, keeping the whole structure safe and stable. With up to ±60° of tracking range and perfect match for large-size and bifacial modules, TAI-Universal impresses clients by its effeciency and intelligient. Fishery-solar hybrid system requires products of excellent anti-corrosion performance. Besides that, customized services is also considered a key factor during the whole process. From the very start of this project, Antai sent a team of experienced engineers for on-site inspection and tailor-made design. During the whole installation period, you can always see our engineers demonstrating in person and even go on board for guidance, which won highly praise from the customer. Once the project completes the grid connection, it will save 130,800 tonnes of coal, reduce 321,300 tonnes of CO2 emission per year, and help make one step closer to a zero-carbon society. By the end of September 2022, Antaisolar's global cumulative shipments reached 24.1GW. Holding the mission of Raise A Green World, Antaisolar is committed to bringing more clean energy solutions to clients all around the world.
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  • Here in India! Tracking Till Infinty with Antaisolar at Renewable Energy India Expo 2022
    Exhibition News September 30, 2022 Here in India! Tracking Till Infinty with Antaisolar at Renewable Energy India Expo 2022
    After months of preparation, Antaisolar successfully meet our clients at Renewable Energy India Expo, the most popular exposition in India, on September 28th. For the first time Antaisolar attends the event, many visitors show great interest in our 1P Tracker, TAI-Simple, which is perfectly compatible with bifacial module and large-size module (we use Vertex 670W module from Trinasolar in this exhibition). The operation is so simple that it only took several hours for workers to complete installation. Also, its unique U-type beam helps greatly improving the torsional resistance performance. Countless inquiries and consultations have overwhelmed our staff on site. After the opening ceremony, Vineet Kumar, country manager of Antaisolar, made an excellent speech at the conference. He shared the latest technologies about Antai's tracker and specified the reliability, adaptability, and innovations of our product, also provided the audience with a better understanding of how trackers improve the LCOE of solar plants. The speech won a lot of applause from the audience.
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  • Keeping up with Antaisolar! We sincerely request your presence at Solar+Storage Asia 2022
    Exhibition News September 19, 2022 Keeping up with Antaisolar! We sincerely request your presence at Solar+Storage Asia 2022
    Antaisolar will attend Solar+Storage Asia 2022 in Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Centre, On the coming 20-22 September. After meeting with our clients at ASEAN, we're so glad to continue offeing enquiries and solutions through Solar+Storage Asia, the most noteworthy renewable exhibition in Thailand. We hereby sincerely wait for your presence at booth A17, don't forget to come by~
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  • Antaisolar requests your presence at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2022
    Exhibition News September 14, 2022 Antaisolar requests your presence at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2022
    Let's continue our trip in SEA! This time, Antaisolar brings the leading roof & ground mounting solutions, hopes to impress our clients in Thailand. Do come to visit Antaisolar at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Hall1, B17. We're more than ready.
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  • Antaisolar established a global R&D center in Europe, writing a new chapter of global layout
    Company News August 12, 2022 Antaisolar established a global R&D center in Europe, writing a new chapter of global layout
    In August 2022, Antaisolar established a global R&D center in Madrid, Spain, which is a new milestone for its technical R&D and business development and symbolizes a new chapter of Antaisolar's global layout. This R&D center is the first overseas global R&D center of Antaisolar, based on the European sales center and global support center, and it is also the fourth global R&D center of Antaisolar after Shanghai, Xiamen, and Zhangzhou. The initial team is composed of several senior R&D personnel, with experienced experts who have managed well-known companies in the solar industry, which reflects the importance Antaisolar attaches to the European and international markets. Currently, this R&D center takes a strategic part in the development of Antaisolar's technology innovation, with research on the core algorithm of tracking systems, Wind Tunnel Test, etc. It is responsible for the R&D upgrade and technical management of multi-scene products including tracking systems and mounting systems, aiming to meet market demand and explore new technology routes.
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  • Antaisolar shines at the Future Energy Show Vietnam 2022
    Exhibition News July 22, 2022 Antaisolar shines at the Future Energy Show Vietnam 2022
    The Future Energy Show Vietnam was successfully held last week, more than 160 exhibitors joined this event to proudly show their products, including Antaisolar, the No.1 racking system supplier in the Vietnam distribution market. At this time, Antaisolar brought its popular roof mounting systems, including metal tile solutions, adjustable tilt solutions, and triangle solutions, allowing for highly pre-assembly and project-specific adjustments, we also have various clamps, which can properly suit for customers' requirements. With these high standard products, our booth attracted lots of interested visitors to stop by, Nguyen Quang Duc, our sales manager, warmly received all the clients and gave a detailed introduction to the products. Vietnam is one of the most important renewable energy markets in South-East Asia. The Government is targeting to increase installed solar capacity to 15GW and investing US$143 Billion into the sector, with great policy support, much potential growth is shown in this area. Antaisolar has entered the Vietnam market for quite some years and made remarkable achievements, its accumulated shipment in Vietnam has reached 1GW by 2021. On the way to better satisfy our customers, Antaisolar always would like to join the local event, value every chance to listen to customers' needs in person. Holding the pursuit of Raise A Green World, Antaisolar never stop doing its own part on the local environment contribution, this makes Antaisolar a industry-leading company with responsibility and commitment.
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