Aluminum Triangle Bracket

Economical  triangle roof mounting system
  • Install site:

    Flat roof , open terrain
  • Module orientation:

    Landscape recommended
  • Tilt angle:

    10°,15°,20°, 30°
  • Foundation type:

    concrete base
  • Material:

product description
Aluminum Triangle Bracket


Triangle solar structure manufacturer

The Triangle mounting bracket  is a newly developed product for flat rooftop installation, more cost-effective than the traditional bracket. With only two supporting angle aluminums, it can be installed without rail, or with rail. For mini power solar plant , it's recommended to designed without rail, which helps to reduce the cost and simplify packing.

Flat roof triangle bracket

Location: Colombia 

1. Optional for rail or railless

2. Inclined angle 10°,15°,20°,30°

3. Fold design for easy transportation

4. H-rail simplify installation

6. 10 years product warranty

H-shape rail
Rail splice
Triangle bracket for rooftop installatiion.Triangle frame
H-shape rail
Rail splice
Triangle bracket 
Mid clamp for aluminum triangle bracket
End clamp for aluminum triangle bracket
T bolt for mounting the H-rail
Mid clamp
 End clamp


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