Antaisolar always be with you to fight against COVID-19

In 2020

People from all over the world
become a community of Life

amid the coronavirus outbreak

The virus is rampaging, pulls us away

But our hearts will never be separated

At the critical period of the domestic epidemic

your timely and selfless help

buying masks spontaneously for sending us

totally being touched by all your action

Now, it’s our turn to return for your kindness

We’ll supply our help as much as we can

No matter how far apart, the warmth must come

We believe that love can overcome darkness

So please wait

for the day we take off the mask
for the day we work at the company
for the day we travel freely around the world
for the day we communicate at the exhibition

That day

We will wear bright smile

Morning and evening peaks are reappearing

Our schedule will be busy and fulfilling

We will meet at exhibition full of participants

That day

With warm sunlight

You and me

Chasing light together

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