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Committed support - Antaisolar mounting system

September 27 , 2016
When it comes to solar mounting system installation, especially for those region with high frequency of typhoon, wind speed is a key factor for consideration.

Take a example , Typhoon Meranti, stated to be the world’s strongest typhoon so far this year, ha
s also been monitored as the strongest one hitting southern Fujian Province since 1949, made landfall in east China’s Fujian Province early on Sep 15th, causing widespread destruction.

Streets in Xiamen are scattered with glass shards, broken tree branches and blown down billboards. The typhoon had caused severe damages to the power grid in Xiamen, leading to mass blackout.

In such a occasion , solar mounting system will help a lot , with designed high wind resistance of 88m/s, it remained unaffected after this fierce natural disaster.

So when the 44m/s typhoon blows your electricity off , while your solar system can still provide emergency power use, like telecom tower use for cellphone, lighting, and other needs in the modern society. A robust and strong solar mounting system is of vital importance. Antaisolar mounting system is undergoing a series of rigorous tests, optimal mechanical structure , making it strong enough to fight against the natural test.


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