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How to install solar carport?

November 26 , 2021

Antaisolar carport structure is ahighly pre-assembled ground mounting PV system. The special pre-assembled structure and unique beams & rails not only guarantee the whole system stability, but also make installation easier and faster. The high quality, small quantity and highly pre-assembled components greatly save installation time and cost, especially for a large-scale project.

Please check below installation steps carefully before start installation.

Step one:Installation of Concrete Foundation

Please prepare all necessary tools and products before installation. Firstly, mark the corresponding positions of concrete blocks according to the drawing, and bury the anchor bolts in the concrete blocks. The spacing of anchor bolts should follow the hole positions of aluminum base.

Step two:Installation of Pre-assembled Beam

Connecting pole to the beam by bolts & nuts, and connecting the pole to the bottom base, which fixed by the anchor bolts.

Note: The pre-assembled bolts of the mounting structure are not fully locked, which is convenient for adjustment during field installation. Please make sure all bolts are locked after installation.

Then continue with the same to install all supporting structures on the same plane.

Step three:Installation of Rail

Insert rail splice to connect rails with screws and then fixing the rails on beams by 4pcs rail clamp. Repeat above steps to install the other rails according to the drawing, and make sure all bolts are tightened.

Step four :Installation of Modules

As shown in the figure below, place the module one by one (From left to right and from bottom to the top). 50mm is reserved at the end, which can be used to install grounding lug.  Then using mid and end clamps to fix the modules and make sure the modules and rails are tightly closed.

Step five:Installation of Grounding lug

Install the grounding lug and connect it one by one.

When adopting Antaisolar mounting structure, you can get the installation manual in details without any worry. Solar canopy emerged as a wise application to obtain solar power generation and car shading, for more project references please check out at:


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