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Taking You through Details about Different Types of Solar Ground Screw

August 18 , 2020

According to different geological, geomorphic and project requirements, solar ground mounting system can be connected to the ground by ground screw, static pressuring pile, cement pipe pile or concrete foundation. Among them, ground screw has been widely used in large-scale power plants with its own advantages.

This article will take you through details about different types of solar ground screw.

Solar ground mounting system

Types of of Solar Ground Screw

The ground screw can be divided into ground screw with flange plate and ground screw without flange plate. According to the shape of the blade, it can be divided into small blade ground screw and large blade ground screw.

large blade ground screw
small blade ground screw

The solar ground screw with flange plate can be used for single post solar mounting system or double post solar mounting system, while ground screw without flange plate is generally only used for double post solar mounting system. Besides, the pull-out resistance of the large blade ground screw is better than that of the small blade ground screw, and it is more suitable for areas with strong winds.

Antaisolar solar ground screw

Antaisolar owns complete solar ground screw production lines with nearly 6000 monthly production capacity, adopting Q235B steel pipe through 100% automatic welding and applying hot-dip galvanized surface treatment. Besides, the ground screw length and type (with or without flange plate and blades) can also be customized according to different project requirements.

Stainless steel solar racking

With its high load performance and strong pull-out resistance, Antaisolar solar ground screw is applicable to various ground solar mounting systems and suitable for different geological conditions. Just use driver to pile the ground screw into soil, only 30-75s for one screw in, which enables fast installation and cost savings.

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