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The guidance to consider installing a solar carport |

October 22 , 2021

Solar carport serves as one of a good idea to turn an underutilized space into a money-saving machine.

In this article, we’ll go over some key factors while considering customize your own solar carport.

Waterproof solar carport canopy

The size of your solar carport

Firstly, finding a available space and determine how much electricity that is able to generate. The best layout will depend on your parking lot and energy needs. Dependent on the number of rows of parking required, a solar carport are typically one, two or three rows wide. Solar parking lots, by comparison, can be large enough to span dozens of rows of parking.

How Much Space is Below Your Solar Carport

Then think about how much space exists below the solar panels. The clearance of the solar carport structures will need to be high enough to allow vehicles and other equipment to pass freely underneath. However, if you make it too high, you could unnecessarily run up the cost of your project.

Find a right clearance height that will depend on what type of vehicles you expect to park and pass below the solar canopy.  For businesses that typically only receive cars or small trucks, a shorter carport could be considered. However, higher clearance requirements for fire trucks and ambulances in order to access around the carports.

Considering whether is waterproof or not

A solar carport will be a convenient parking lot, so usually it’s much better to design with waterproof. You can turn to a solar carport structure supplier that can keeps rain and water runoff from dripping on the cars and people below. However, it does come with an added cost.

Last but not least, it’s important to install a solar carport that can generate much more electricity. Therefore, by setting your solar panels at a certain tilt angle for getting maximum power generation and efficiency.

Besides above mentioned, there are some other items to take into account when considering install a solar carport. We suggest you teaming up with experienced and trustable solar racking supplier to help create a reliable and perfect solar system.

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