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What shadows should be avoided when building a solar plant?

November 12 , 2021

According to calculations, the slight shade of trees and wires in the photovoltaic system can cause reducing of about 20-30% power generation of the power station.

Nowadays, the construction of PV power plants on the roofs of rural households and C&I  buildings has become a popular trend. The amount of photovoltaic power generation directly affects the final profit, and shadow shading is one of the most common problems affecting power generation.

Under certain conditions, some part of the solar panels will be blocked by other surrounding objects, causing partial shadows, which will cause some solar panels to heat up, resulting in the so-called "hot spot" phenomenon. If the shadow effect is not eliminated and exists for a long time, when the hot spot effect reaches a certain level, the solder joints on the panels will melt and destroy the grid line.

Before the construction, it is necessary to do the preliminary survey to determine whether the surrounding high-voltage lines, railings, vegetation, and existing buildings will be blocked, and find ways to eliminate the blocking and change the installation location.

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It’s also need to fully consider the growth year of the plants surrounded and consider whether the shade, branches and leaves will cause obstruction. At the stage of designing , the difference in terrain should consider whether the solar panels cause shadow occlusion from north to south and east to west; different sub-array heights of the same row of arrays can cause occlusion; at the same time, the shadows between floors should also be considered.

After the completion, it is better to form the habit of regular cleaning of the solar power plant. The PV power station is placed outdoors with wind, rain and sun are indispensable. If you do not clean it for a few days, you will find a thick layer of dust on the surface of the power station. If the power station is to generate high power, then this dust is absolutely necessary. Perform regular operation and maintenance, regularly clean up dust, bird droppings, fallen leaves, etc., to keep the top of the photovoltaic module panel clean.

As for a large scale solar power plant, it’s wise to adopt solar tracker with cleaning robot that form a perfect tracker-robot match to achieve higher power generation.

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