• Antaisolar showcased its latest tracker at Intersolar Europe 2022
    Exhibition News May 16, 2022 Antaisolar showcased its latest tracker at Intersolar Europe 2022
    May 11-13, Antaisolar has attended the Intersolar Europe 2022, the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry, in Munich, Germany. With a 152㎡ booth (A6. 320), Antaisolar showcased its latest 1P multiple slew-drive tracker—TAI-Space, along with other clean energy solutions including ground and roof solar systems. The exhibition is expected to present over 920 exhibiting companies and 50,000+ trade visitors in three days. Since being founded more than 30 years ago, Intersolar is the most important industry platform for manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of the solar industry. Antaisolar is honored to be part of the amazing event and appreciated the opportunity it's given to connect with all the past and future partners, also the chance to talk with other experts within the industry. As the world's leading clean energy solutions provider, Antaisolar has presented all ranges of solar racking&tracking systems, which have gained positive feedback from global clients. TAI-Space, Antaisolar's latest 1P multiple slew-drive tracker, has acquired international mainstream certificates and reports, including CE, CPP, DNV, and Gamcorp. Equipped with unique smart commissioning and cloud monitoring O&M system, the system is allowed to be remote monitoring via smart phone. The intelligent tracker has attracted huge attention and been kept discussed by the massive visitors on site. Based on the mission of "Raise a Green World", Antaisolar'll continue to provide cutting-edge solutions for global clients. At the end of 2021, Antaisolar's cumulative solar racking shipments had reached 19.3GW. It has ranked No.1 in Japan’s solar racking market share and in Australia's distributed generation market, also owned a leading market share in multiple distributed generation markets including Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Chile, etc. Antaisolar is ready to bring reliable and affordable clean energy and build a more sustainable and low-carbon planet.
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  • Antaisolar shined at Solartech Indonesia 2022
    Exhibition News March 22, 2022 Antaisolar shined at Solartech Indonesia 2022
    On March 17-19, Solartech Indonesia 2022 was successfully held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Antaisolar presented multi-scenario solutions for roof mounting, ground mounting and tracking system, which have impressed lots of visitors in the market. Online merge offline, Antaisolar made an all-round exhibition With excellent service and product quality, Antaisolar has been cultivating the Southeast Asian photovoltaic market for many years. The offline exhibition received constant consultation while the online exhibition provided enthusiastic service for customers who were unable to attend. Popularizing mounting system, Antaisolar shined at this forum: On 19th March, Antaisolar's Sales Manager, Jerry Lai, delivered a speech titled "How Mounting System Benefit C&I Solar Project Life" at the forum, detailed explaining the PV mounting system and its supporting role for the whole solar plant. He also introduced Antaisolar's full range of tracking solutions, which are higher than the standard of the industry, and received warm applause from the audience. Antaisolar always values the opportunities of Southeast Asia and strives to offer the best service to the locals. At present, Antaisolar has local offices in Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia and one logistics center in Indonesia, allowing a timely response and developing the most superior products for the local market. Based on the brand position of "the leading supplier of the whole industry chain in PV mounting system ", Antaisolar will continuously dedicated to providing convenient, reliable, innovative and efficient solar mounting solutions for our global clients. Join us on the journey towards to the mission of "Raise a green world"!
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  • Antaisolar awaits your presence at Solartech Indonesia 2022
    Exhibition News March 11, 2022 Antaisolar awaits your presence at Solartech Indonesia 2022
    Antaisolar will attend Solartech Indonesia 2022, the ASEAN’s largest trade show for Solar PV & Energy Storage to be held on March 17th -19th. As the only dedicated international trade exhibition to focus on Solar Power& PV technologies in Indonesia, it provides a good platform for exchanging ideas and views on the latest trends and developments in solar power technology industry. The market potential for installing rooftop solar PV reaches over 116GW. Indonesia government has set a target to achieve a 23% share of renewable energy in the country’s energy mix by 2025. Since our inception in 2006, Antaisolar has committed to providing a wide portfolio of solar racking including fixed structure and solar tracker, and achieved a total of 19.3GW shipment by the end of 2021. We are sincerely awaiting for your coming~ Time: March.17-19, 2022 Booth No.: A3L2-15 Venue: JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia Product: Ground-mounted system and Roof-mounted system
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  • Antaisolar awaits your presence at PV EXPO 2022 in Tokyo
    Exhibition News March 09, 2022 Antaisolar awaits your presence at PV EXPO 2022 in Tokyo
    Antaisolar will attend PV EXPO 2022, the Japan’s largest show for the PV industry held on March 16th -18th. With localization service, we have achieved 802MW solar racking shipment to Japan in the past year. During the exhibition, our engineering and sales team will present to explore high efficient solar racking solution with all of you. Looking forward to your presence~ Time: March.16-18, 2022 Booth No.: E10-49 Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan Product: Solar carport, agrivoltaic solar system, ground-mounted system and roof-mounted system
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  • Reviewing the highlights of Antaisolar at SNEC 2021
    Exhibition News June 05, 2021 Reviewing the highlights of Antaisolar at SNEC 2021
    From June 3rd to 5th, the SNEC 15th (2021), ended successfully in Shanghai. As a leading supplier of the whole industry chain in PV mounting system, Antaisolar impressed the whole audience by brings a brand-new visual feast with continuously exciting events and ended with a wonderful ending. Highlight clips Global partners warmly celebrated Antaisolar’s 15th anniversary online On the scene, the 15th anniversary theme film was released firstly. Together with all audiences, Antaisolar took a look back at all trials and hardships over the past 15 years. Meantime, global partners sent video messages to express theirs’ best wishes and appreciations, which created an unprecedentedly moving scene. New solar tracker launched, SPACE made a stunning debut The newly launched product, named after “SPACE”, has gained wide  attention and won general recognition from industry insiders as it was just unveiled in SNEC 2021. As 1P independent single-axis tracking system, SPACE can be extremely extend up to five strings, which will save the cost of whole solar system up to 18% and better suits for large scale solar plant in flat terrain. Equipped with multi-slew drives, SPACE has approved by authoritative CPP and multiple tests and certifications. Furthermore, SPACE adopts Brushless Direct Current Motor which whole life cycle is more than 30 years and no maintenance requested. Unique drive through electric synchronously makes SPACE quick to installation and convenient to maintenance. Integrated with all above the advantages, SPACE has received unanimous favorable comments. New product SPACE released sites Dialogue with mainstream media During the SNEC, Mr. Lloyd Li , vice president of Antaisolar, Ms. Amy Kou, vice general manager of Antaisolar was interviewed by PV tech and NE-SALON separately.Mr. Lloyd Li has made in-depth exchange of views with PV TECH from multiple perspectives including the past achievement and the main developing forecast, etc. Ms. Amy Kou, interviewed by NE-SALON , detailed explained its advanced technologies and features in application about SPACE. Awarded with SNEC Top 10 Highlights MW-level Prize On the afternoon of June 5th,  the result of “Top 10 Highlights” was announced on-site, Antaisolar’s Multi-point drive tracking system was stood out from the crowd and won the“Top 10 Highlights” MW-class Prize by its innovative design, which marked a perfect end to Antaisolar in SNEC 2021. Amy Cou, vice general manager of Antaisolar, delivered a speech on New Generation AI Tracking System, which gave a deep analysis on SPACE’s features and the solar tracker application trend in PV industry. Speaking pictures 2021 SNEC has wrapped up successfully, while Antaisolar never stops. Based on the vision of "Backbone for Solar World", Antaisolar, as the leading supplier of the whole industry chain in PV mounting system, will continue to output more efficient products to meet client needs and strive to provide high-end customiz...
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  • Antaisolar Launched SPACE,the 1P Multi-Slew solar tracker in 2021 SNEC
    Exhibition News June 03, 2021 Antaisolar Launched SPACE,the 1P Multi-Slew solar tracker in 2021 SNEC
    Antaisolar launched its latest solar tracker system which named “SPACE” at 2021 SNEC in Shanghai. Featuring with “Unique, Intelligence, Efficiency, Infinity”, it has attracted lots of attention in industry. This 1P independent single-axis tracking system equipped with multi-slew drives and can be extremely extend up to five strings, which made it become best choice for large scale solar plant in flat terrain. The key features of the new tracker include: 1: Extremely Extended Maximum 5 PV strings capacity with mainstream large-format module, up to 8% system cost reduction. Suits for large scale solar farm and matches better for cleaning robots. 2: Unique Multi-point Drive Advanced design with multi-point drive to resist gale conditions and effectively solve the instability problem under extreme weather. Approved by authoritative CPP and multiple tests and certifications. 3: Unique drive through electric synchronously Compared with mechanical synchronous system, electrical synchronization is free from the transmission bar. Such mechanism is quick to installation, convenient to maintenance and low to consumption, which effectively reduces the labor costs. Multiple protection, adapt to all kinds of strong wind conditions. 4: Unique Brushless Direct Current Motor The industry's first BLDC system with a more than 30 years’ maintenance-free serviced life. 5: AI Tracking Mode Using the historical big data analysis of weather, terrain, scattered light conditions, together with the deep machine learning method to generate the optimized tracking path, which augment the power generation up to 10% comparing with the conventional tracking. 6: ANTAI SPACE CLOUD Monitoring O&M system The cloud monitoring system can provide a monitoring service globally on both O&M and system protection. 7: Smart Commissioning With the ANTAI unique Smart Commissioning, system could be fast located and operated via smart phone QR code scanning. More smart phone functions is coming soon. "At the beginning phase of R&D for SPACE, Antaisolar has paid attention to the application trend of mainstream large-format module. All products of Antaisolar solar tracker have completed the CPP wind test report. SPACE is just one of them. " Said Amy Kou, Vice General Manager of Antaisolar. Besides SPACE, both 1P and 2P solar tracker such as Helios and Clytie series are already acquired international mainstream certificates and reports, like UL,TUV,CPP and DNV. And the design of multi-points drive for solar tracker has recognized among our clients in china and oversea for its unique stability under extremely weathers. The newest solar tracker, named after SPACE, marks Antaisolar’s efforts in strong research and development. With a R&D team of nearly 80 specialists, Antaisolar will continue to output more efficient products to meet client needs. Based on the vision of " Backbone for Solar World",  Antaisolar will focus on its brand positioning- the leading supplier of...
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  • Antaisolar shined at Green Energy Expo 2021 in Korea
    Exhibition News April 30, 2021 Antaisolar shined at Green Energy Expo 2021 in Korea
    On April 28-30, Green Energy Expo 2021 was held as scheduled in Daegu, South Korea. Antaisolar participated in the exhibition held by Korean partner GS Global, in which industry solar brands GCL, GOODWE and HT –SAAE also joined in the exhibition. During the event, Antaisolar presented with steel-aluminum combination, all-aluminum ground solar racking and rooftop solar racking, which are highly suitable for C&I distributed power stations and utility scale power stations in South Korea. The representative of Antaisolar said that the tailor-made rooftop solar racking developed for the Korean market, has become a attractive product received endless customer consultation and constant discussion. It’s said that the use of MAC steel and other steel roof solar racking has once become a common choice for rooftop solution while existing some roof bearing problems. The market urgently needs a type of system that can take into account the overall strength without affecting the roof load. The roof bracket system exhibited by Antaisolar turns out to be the top choice. Its excellent structural design and the lightweight and corrosion-resistant performance perfectly match the distributed solar plants, which has been unanimously recognized by visiting customers. Additionally, the ground solar racking for slope and complex ground has attracted many project owners and EPC for its proven track record. According to the Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association (KOPIA) statement, around 3 GW of new PV will be installed in the country this year. And South Korea currently plans to install 30.8 GW of solar by 2030. Antaisolar will continue to joint with local influential partners such as GS Global to co-develop solar market for carbon neutrality. Based on the vision of " Backbone for Solar World",  Antaisolar will focus on its brand positioning- the Expert in Hard & Core Technology for Solar Mounting & Tracking System, and strive to provide high-end customized solar racking solutions for global clients.
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