MAC mounting system (New material )

magnesium aluminum alloy coating steel
  • Color:

    Natural, powder coated
  • Install site:

    open terrain, concrete flat roof
  • Module orientation:

    Landscape , portrait
  • Foundation type:

    Pile in or pre-cast, bored pier
  • Ground clearance:

    up to request
  • Material:

    MAC steel, Anodized aluminum 6005 T6, stainless steel 304
product description
  MAC solar mounting system


Antaisolar MAC solar mounting system is developed to diversify current product portfolio especially for large-scale ground solar power plant or open flat roof area. Utilizing magnesium aluminum alloy coating steel (MAC steel) as the main supporting body to replace traditional hot-dip galvanized materials.

MAC railless ballasts roof mounting system

About MAC steel: Formed by high-temperature curing of zinc (Zn), aluminum (Al) and magnesium (Mg), and its microstructure is composed of dense ternary eutectic structure of Zn, Al and Mg, so that the surface of MAC steel has a dense barrier that effectively prevents the penetration of corrosion factors.

  Superior Corrosion Resistance

  A dense protective film is formed on the flat and cut-end surface; 

  Excellent corrosion resistance. About 10 times that of hot-dip galvanized steel.


  The coating composition around the cutting surface leeches out to form a tight protective film.

  With cross-section and self-repair ability, no need for post-dip plating process.

  Long lasting

  Due to the superior corrosion resistance and the self-healing effect of the cut section, under      the same coating, MAC can last for more than 30 years

1. Simple and adjustable structure, no need fo welding allows for efficient installation

2. Conventional specifications can be mass-produced to maximum control of production cycle

3. Adapted to various foundation such as ground screw, cement pre-embedded bolt foundation and pile

4.No need for post-coated or smeared, greatly reducing the cost of rust-proof and paint repair in site

Antaisolar MAC ground mounting system

Antaisolar developed new material for large scale ground solar power plant

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