Antaisolar first global strategic partner Lunar New Year Cup football match held successfully

As a part of annual party activities, Antaisolar held 1st global strategic partner Lunar New Year Cup football match in Xiamen, China successfully. Strategic partners from Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and China were invited together to enjoy this football grand meeting. Antaisolar entertained friends with football, demonstrated friendship in the fight.

All of our players meet each other with solar clean energy and get together with the love of football. Running, chasing, jumping, we enjoy unbridled self. Let's review the exciting moments together!

Work for solar, fight for energy. We are committed to creating clean environment with solar clean energy. Under the blue sky, all the guys enjoy the joy of exercise and still lost in scene. It’s just a beginning, in the future, Antaisolar will continue to carry out football matches and make it a funny way for better communication.

Memorable moment, looking forward for next time!

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