•  Case studies about multiple solar plants applied in South Korea
    Project News May 21, 2021 Case studies about multiple solar plants applied in South Korea
    South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) had estimated that around 4.1 GW of new PV plants were grid connected in South korea in 2020. If confirmed by official statistics, this result would compare to 3.8 GW in 2019 and 2.4 GW in 2018 and would make 2020 the most successful year ever recorded by the country. Antaisolar in partnership with GS global to jointly promote the clean energy utilization since 2020 and numerous solar farms has already connected to local grid ranging from utility-scale to distributed solar projects. For ground-mounted solar plants, either tailor-made or universal solar racking solution can be offered based on special needs. Antaisolar provided ground mounting solution with three main types of foundation, that is solar ground screw, concrete and driven piles. As for flat terrain, it’s commonly to adopt solar ground screw as a foundation. It can be installed by manual piling machine or pile driver machine without excavation and can be widely used in all kinds of geological conditions, such as foreshore, grassland, etc. While for uneven or sloping terrain, driven piles are best suited to these areas which have clay, gravel, dense sand and low water tables, where the ground has good soil cohesiveness. They are commonly used on large-scale projects as they have a number of advantages over other foundation types, including speed of installation, accuracy and low cost. For most of large scale solar plants in Korea, Antaisolar offers solar racking solution with single or double pile footing, which can also achieve great flexibility. Antaisolar has supplied a wide portfolio of solar racking solution ranging from KW scale to MW scale in South Korea. Armed with high quality control by in- house production and innovative design for efficient installing and high robustness, the solar mounting system has been recognized and under blossoming utilization for renewable projects.
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  • How to reduce solar project risk for extreme weather from initial structural design?
    Project News April 27, 2021 How to reduce solar project risk for extreme weather from initial structural design?
    With the industry scaling toward hundreds of gigawatts of installed capacity, even 1% risk represents the potential for significant losses. As the utilization of large-scale solar plants accelerates into areas more prone to severe weather events, it’s of vital importance on how to manage those weather risks before initial designing. Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate extreme weather risks by addressing site-and region-specific conditions in advance and making strategic design, engineering, and procurement choices to lower those risks. There exists some solar plants damaged by extreme weather and thus caused huge loss. Actually, it’s a result of a combination of factors such as structural design, product quality, later operation and maintenance, etc. As a solar tracker manufacturer, Antaisolar has vast expertise in addressing the extreme weather challenge to large-scale solar plants. In this chapter Antaisolar is going to share some insights on structural design and see how it’s important for you to consider it when building a solar plant. In fact, the threat posed by strong wind is mainly caused by resonance. The multi-point drive solar tracker launched by Antaisolar can perfectly solve this problem. After the construction of the tracking support is completed, there will be a natural frequency f1, and the wind speed around the power station will cause the system to generate a vibration frequency f2. When f2 is close to or equal to f1, the system will resonate, which will cause twisting and lose stability, endangering the safety of the system. The multi-point drive solution is to largely increase f1, thereby widening the gap between the two and fundamentally solving the problem. Due to the use of multi-point drive technology, the system has one third wind torque three times higher natural frequency than traditional trackers. Additionally, the entire cost can be reduced by 5% to 20%, especially in areas with high wind pressure, the advantages will be more. The solar industry is increasingly recognizing that specialized approaches like wind tunnel testing are needed for dynamic wind loading because building codes simply don’t apply to these kinds of thin, flexible structures. Antaisolar’s Helios and Clytie series solar tracker are all tested and approved by CPP. Based on CPP’s leadership in understanding the effects of wind on solar collectors, their recommendations can enable Antaisolar designers and engineers to make modifications where needed and ensure the success design of a safe and efficient system. To sum it up , in order to keep it stable and safe under extreme bad weather, Antaisolar innovative solar trackers are developed from initial structural design to make it stay robust and it’s just one of the key factors for reducing solar project risk. In the next chapter , We will focus on another influencing factor in details, stay tuned!
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  • Antaisolar offered solar racking solution for Agriculture and light complementary power stations
    Project News April 14, 2021 Antaisolar offered solar racking solution for Agriculture and light complementary power stations
    Recently, one agricultural light complementary photovoltaic power station has made its grid-connection successfully in Japan with installed capacity of the 820.8KW. The whole project adopted Antaisolar agricultural farmland mounting system with AL6005-T6 structure to ensure corrosion resistance and stability. In this project, Antaisolar proposed a bottom fixing solution . Compared with the traditional top-down installation method, there is no need to climb brackets and stepping on panels. Therefore, it realized the convenient installation of fixing the solar panel from bottom and thus improves the efficiency and safety of construction.  Besides, in order to cope with the sloping terrain, Antaisolar engineers provided different column length and the exposed length of the ground screw after carefully calculations, which perfectly matched the slope application and deeply recognized by our client. In addition, there are numerous of the agricultural light complementary photovoltaic power station in Japan adopted Antaisolar solar racking solutions, with capacity ranging from 100KW to 1MW.  In South korea, there existed a 400KW agricultural light complementary photovoltaic power stations which utilized Antaisolar solar racking system. It is not only the first aluminum mounting structure for agricultural PV plant but also the biggest PV plant till now in Korean territory. The combination of agriculture and photovoltaic applications is a new model. It will not change the nature of land use, and thus can save land resources. Agricultural light power plant can not only effectively use solar energy resources to output of clean green energy, but also to achieve efficient cultivation, which realized the comprehensive utilization of land resources and solar energy resources.
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    Market Potential A majority of Madagascar’s renewable energy potential remains unharnessed. The country has high hydro, solar, and wind potential and considerable biomass resources. In its New Energy Policy (NEP), the government identified an ambition to produce 85% of the country’s power from renewable sources by 2030 Madagascar has a large solar energy potential. Almost all regions of Madagascar receive over 2,800 hours of sunshine per year, with the daily solar radiation ranging from 1,500 to 2,100 kWh/m2. PV systems are currently utilized for powering public buildings such as health clinics, as well as off-grid community electrification solutions. A few foreign companies are assisting with various electrification projects on a small-scale (i.e. solar-powered pumps for clean water) Solar farms in Madagascar, solar racking provided by Antaisolar The total capacity of this ground project is 6MW, which is comprised of several projects ranging from 1to 2MW and installed in Diego, Tamatave, Majunga and other places. Due to the frequent cyclone season, the maximum wind speed is very high and up to 60m/s. Madagascar has a tropical rainforest climate, with lots of rain, flat but muddy land. Antai Solar adopted concrete foundation with aluminum mounting system with measurement and calculation by the engineer for ensuring sufficient strength in cyclone weather. Antai Solar provide the solar mounting solutions through OCEAN TRADE, and the project was successfully completed under the efforts of parties. Among one of the projects, Mr Andry Nirina Rajoelina, president of Malagasy, had visited and inaugurated the 2MW solar hybrid project in Tamatave. It’s estimated that the project will allows the cut of 1400t of CO2 per year!
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  • Antaisolar’s 100MW solar racking connected to grid
    Project News March 16, 2021 Antaisolar’s 100MW solar racking connected to grid
    The desert photovoltaic power plant in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China, which used Antaisolar manu-adjustable solar fixed solar racking and had an installed capacity of 100MW, has been successfully connected to the local grid. It effectively encourages the organized production of local renewable energy, the ecological climate, plateau agriculture, and animal husbandry. The region has a relatively dry environment, extreme land desertification, and dust storms are normal. The landscape of the region, which is located on a hill, is high and undulating. Antaisolar resolved the immense difficulties presented by the challenging construction environments, delivering technology and product resources for this PV project with considerable expertise in working with difficult solar racking projects. By changing the tilt angle, the power station will receive more direct sunlight, improving power generation efficiency significantly. The power station’s annual power consumption is expected to be 195 million kwh, saving 64,200 tons of conventional coal and minimizing 204,000 tons of carbon dioxide and other gases. There is no question that the growth of the photovoltaic industry in the desert and Gobi not only has significant economic benefits, but it also serves an ecological role of sand prevention and control. It is expected to be the third recent method of sand protection and management, following afforestation and desertification regulation and sediment fixation by sand barriers. Based on the vision of "Backbone for Solar World", Antaisolar will focus on its brand positioning- the Expert in Hard & Core Technology for Solar Mounting & Tracking System, and strive to provide high-end customized solar racking solutions for global clients to safeguard the blue sky and white clouds.
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  • Antaisolar supplied Mac mounting system for 10MW solar farm in China
    Project News August 20, 2020 Antaisolar supplied Mac mounting system for 10MW solar farm in China
    Recently, Antaisolar announced that the 1st phase of one 10MW roof solar project is already completed at Cross-border Industrial Park in Jiangsu province, China, with Steel mounting system comprehensively adopted. With capacity of 2MW and railless ballast solar mounting solution, it was turned out to be a stable and easy solar installation on open flat roof space. The railless solar racking designed allowed the whole installation much quicker, without the long and cumbersome rails. According to local site wind rating requirement, it was secured by a certain weight of concrete block to achieve well performance. What’s more, the main material of this solar racking adopted was MAC steel with unique advantages.  It’s a kind of eco-friendly steel without hot-dip galvanized while maintaining highly corrosion resistance, also the deformation and manufacturing accuracy of the material in processing are significantly improved. Meanwhile, the pretreatment on the surface ensures the attractive appearance of the material. Antaisolar Steel solar mounting system is developed to diversify our product portfolio applicable for large-scale ground solar farm and concrete flat roof solar farm. Project site at strong corrosive soil, coastal salt-affected areas, agriculture greenhouse and composting site are all suitable for utilizing this new material.
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  • Antaisolar provided 32MW solar tracker for PV plant in Ningxia, China
    Project News October 16, 2020 Antaisolar provided 32MW solar tracker for PV plant in Ningxia, China
    Recently, Antaisolar secured an order for 32MW solar tracking project. This PV project went live in October, 2020 and expected to be completed in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China at the end of 2020. It is the first PV project with multi-actuator solar tracking system in China, which will greatly boost the development of local PV industry and green economy. According to the severe environmental conditions of the site, such as severe soil sandification, extremely uneven terrain, high temperature, sandstorm, large temperature difference between day and night, and its topographic condition with 20% slope, Antaisolar technical team provided the best bifacial solar solution — Helios D1 solar tracking system, as well as a full range of professional technical support. Since its release in August 2020, Antaisolar Helios D1 has been attracting attention from the industry. Integrating a number of product patents and technical advantages, Helios D1 uses the multi-actuatordrive, which has the same stability as the solar fixed structure. No shaking accurs under the strong wind condition, and the system has a high natural frequency without resonance risk, which is suitable for areas with heavy sandstorm. The patented torque tube fastener effectively halves the installation time. Utilizing string inverters to obtain electricity, which can save costs of cables and trenching, also increase construction speed. MESH networking technology assists system with debugging and intelligent O&M. The successful cooperation has fully demonstrated that Antaisolar's products and services possess strong competitiveness and influence in the domestic market. Through creating desert ecological integration and combining PV with desert governance, this PV project has made contributions to the transformation and upgrading of the national energy structure. In the future, Antaisolar will continue to work with worldwide partners to optimize its global service, focusing on R&D innovation and product quality, constantly outputing stable, reliable and innovative solutions, and striving to become a trusted global solar mounting solution provider.
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  • Antaisolar offered special customized solar racking solution for 21.6MW ground solar project in Japan
    Project News July 01, 2020 Antaisolar offered special customized solar racking solution for 21.6MW ground solar project in Japan
    Recently, the 21.6MW solar project in Hiroshima, Japan, aluminum solar racking designed and provided by Antaisolar, is under installation after over 60 times of design modification. It was reviewed by METI of Japan in January, 2020 and commenced construction in March, expected to completed in March, 2021. While coping with complex terrain conditions --with more than 100cm snow high and complicated soil structure, and for maximizing solar panels arrangement with high cost performance and construction efficiency, Antaisolar finally provided the special customized solar racking solution after many times products debugging. The special-shaped aluminum racking has high strength that complies with the latest JIS standards. Highly pre-assembled before shipment can reduce on-site construction time and enable high cost performance and fast installation. With a triangular-roof-like arrangement, the panels are placed in both north and south directions to maximize the arrangement and improve power generation. Antaisolar has cumulatively installed around 4.55GW capacity in Japan since 2011. With excellent product quality, rigorous design, local branch and logistics center for efficient on-site support, it has always grown strongly and received high recognization in Japan. In the future, Antaisolar will continue to promote the localization process in Japan to offer convenient and reliable, innovative and efficient solar mounting solutions with excellent product quality and comprehensive services so as to create value for the clients.
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  • Antaisolar provided aluminum solar structure for Agriculture solar project in South Korea
    Project News April 05, 2020 Antaisolar provided aluminum solar structure for Agriculture solar project in South Korea
    With the solar energy development in South Korea, Antaisolar is striving to promote the utilization of solar racking that meet the local requirement and after years of in-depth market development with our key partner- Solar Chaser, the exclusive agent for almost four years.  We are honored to see Antaisolar’s aluminum solar racking is widely applied for numerous of ground solar power stations in Korea. Recently, in addition to the pile ground solar farms, Antaisolar offered the solar racking for one 400KW Agriculture solar project in Korea.  It is not only the first aluminum mounting structure for agricultural PV plant but also the biggest PV plant till now in Korean territory. It’s known that the combination of solar energy and agriculture helps to utilize the land efficiently in a smart way. The agricultural solar mounting system won’t hinder the growth of crops, meanwhile meeting the power generation demand. Besides, with enough elevation, it allows people and animals to pass through. According to the client response, the solar project is going smoothly and expected to completed within one week in May. Pre-assembled solar racking and solar screw foundation make the whole installation fast that really cost down on site labor costs.
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