How does Antaisolar achieve global layout “acceleration”

Since 2006, Antaisolar is always on the move to be the best solar support.

In 2011, as the first Chinese aluminum solar mounting company to enter Japan market. In the next 8 years, Antaisolar seized the opportunity, become the shining star on the world's photovoltaic map.

Centered around Asia, expand the service area of the radiation zone, set up braches and offices worldwide.

How does Antaisolar achieve global layout “acceleration”?

Let’s find the answer together.

Set up global platform to deepen localization services

Headquartered in Xiamen, Antaisoalr has alreadly set upbranches in Japan and Australia and offices in Shanghai, Vietnam, Brazil, the Philippines, Malaysia and other places with local staff and provide timely localization services to quick  respond customer demand. In the future, Antaisolar will continue to promote the development of other markets and deepen localization services.

Quality first, with complete production chain to guarantee customer expectations

Antaisolar, with a complete chain of aluminum ingots casting, extrusion, oxidation, and fine finishing, equipped with perfect laboratory equipment to control the product quality to ensure the consistency and stability of product quality. Leading quality and reliable delivery have enabled Antaisolar to grow strongly in the global PV market.

Win-win cooperation with strategic partnership

In the global layout process, Antaisolar actively promotes cooperation with large overseas companies to absorb each other's advantages. At present, Antaisolar has established long-term strategic cooperation with overseas companies in Japan, Australia, South Korea, etc. to gather global resources and promote the development of photovoltaic green energy through exchange and integration between different brands.

Emphasis on technology and R&D, accelerate product upgrading

Antaisolar attaches great importance to innovation investment and promotes the development of the industry-university-research cooperation system. Together with Central South University, Antaisolar establish an academician expert cooperation station and establish an aluminum profilerR&D center todevelop new products, upgrade existing products, and provide customers with competitive product solutions.

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