Pile ground mounting system

Pile ground solution
  • Color:

    Natural, powder coated
  • Install site:

    open terrain
  • Module orientation:

    Landscape , portrait
  • Wind speed:

    Up to 88m/s(316.8kmh/196.9mph)
  • Snow load:

    up to 150cm
  • Foundation type:

    Pile in or pre-cast, bored pier
  • Ground clearance:

    up to request
  • Material:

    Anodized aluminum 6005 T6, stainless steel 304,hot-dipped galvanized steel Q235B
product description
Pile ground mounting system

By using pile driving machine to push galvanized steel posts into the ground, 30-75s for one screw in, high installation efficiency for large scale project. One pile driving demo below:       


The pile driven ground mounting system is a very economical solution for large commercial and utility scale installations, it’s suitable for both framed and frameless modules, especially on uneven terrain. The use of ramming posts eliminates the need for additional excavation works, and pile-driven machine reduce labor and time remarkably on site. For large projects, this means high cost savings. Single post system allows for easy maintenance around and under the modules. Double post optional for larger span and bigger array.

Antaisolar pile ramming solar mounting system

1. Highly corrosion resistant aluminum components and stainless steel parts for harsh condition .
2. Significant savings by pile-driven machine with fast piling.
3. Ramming posts allows for surrounding areas remaining unaffected .
4. Single post system allows for easy maintenance.

 pre-assembled support for solar ground mount racking    

Rail for pile driven ground mounting system     
rail clamp for pile driven ground mounting system   
Pre-assembled beam
 Rail clamp
pile ground screw solar racking system

high compatible end clamp for pile driven ground mounting system
U Pillar  
Pillar base
End clamp


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