Solar electric fence

solar power electric fence
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product description
Solar electric fence

Antaisolar solar fence

Surface treatment: Electro Galvanized then PVC Coated

Foundation: Concrete base or ground screw

Height: Both width and height of fence can be customized

  Specification (mm)
 Fence Panel
 1200*2000(mesh size:50*150)
 With rectangular post or round post
 Round post
 Number of post = number of fences + 1
 Rectangular Post
 Number of post = number of fences + 1
 Single door

 Double door

Metal wire mesh fence Specification:

1: Wire guage (3mm to 5mm)

2: Finishing (Galvanized)

Recommendations: Diameter of 4.0mm or more, so that after galvanizing can reach 5.0mm, strength will be better.

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